Please use for your presentation the official presentation template:


The use of the template, at least of the cover slide, is mandatory. The second slide of each presentation must include a Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

Note that your presentation must run on Windows and that you have to submit it at least 2 hour before session start at the Presentation Delivery Room (see instructions on the above link).

Please make also sure to meet strictly your presentation time of 10 minutes max. (8 minutes presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A). There are 9 oral presentations in each abstract session of 90 minutes (exactly 10 minutes for each presentation), which is followed directly by the Special Lectures, thus no delay can be accepted. Note that your presentation will be interrupted if it exceeds the established time and you will not be allowed to finish it.

You can check your presentation date, time and location (room) in the Scientific Area on the conference website (tab “Schedule Abstract Presentations”):